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We work hard to deliver the best truck dispatch service in the industry. 24 Hour service available. We offer affordable rates. Full Load arrangement and logistics planning. We serve regional, local and long distance carriers with transportation, logistics, and load planning service options.

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How it works

ePriceNow is the best solution for pricing and coordinating your spot shipments hassle free.

Step 1 : Submit delivery order

You can easily send spot market shipments to ePriceNow to be hosted in our web portal in which our panel of service providers would participate and offer a competitive price to deliver your goods and/or parcels to the destination of your choice.

Step 2 : Easy and Smart

The carriers in our panel are already integrated with ePriceNow. When you send spot market shipments for quote, we automatically notify the approved service providers to initiate a competitive quote.

Step 3 : Ship and Rebate

Once the quote is accepted by you, we will then commence with the delivery process and connect you with the service provider for your spot market shipments and the process would be completed in a hassle free manner.

About Us

ePriceNow perhaps is the first homegrown web application to achieve this historical milestone in creating a simple to use web application site to help deliver your goods anywhere in Malaysia, hassle free and importantly supported by a 24/7 customer service.

ePriceNow is set to facilitate the coming together, a virtual meeting point if you will, for both customer and transporter. Here, the customer could arrange to have their goods delivered to anywhere in Malaysia with the most competitive price whilst the transporter in the same breath could maximize their carrying load with much more efficiency thereby giving very low prices to the customer.

What more is a guaranteed and attractive rebate gifted to repeating customers who use this website to deliver their goods.

Essentially, ePriceNow have brought together a happy customer and an efficient transporter to the local logistics scene.

This is what ePriceNow is all about – simple to use, low prices, attractive rebate and hassle free way to deliver your goods.

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